Combating Financial Crimes in Mauritius

In a proactive move against money laundering and terrorist financing, Mauritius enacted pivotal legislation in 2002, including the Prevention of Corruption Act, the Prevention of Terrorism Act, and the Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Act. These measures established the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), reinforcing Mauritius’ commitment to maintaining a clean and respected financial environment.

Role of the Financial Intelligence Unit

The FIU serves as a specialised agency tasked with receiving, analysing, assessing, and disseminating financial intelligence related to suspected money laundering and terrorist financing activities. Essential to modern Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) frameworks, FIUs are increasingly integral to global efforts against financial crimes.

Specialised Financial Investigations

Effective financial investigations hinge on uncovering the financial trails left by criminals. FIUs employ specialised skills to analyse diverse financial documents and records—from corporate registries to insurance contracts—critical for tracking illicit financial flows.

Data Synthesis and Dissemination

FIUs play a crucial role in synthesising and making sense of vast financial data generated through reporting and recordkeeping requirements. They categorise, store, analyse, and disseminate this information to law enforcement, regulators, and international counterparts, aiding in AML/CFT efforts globally.