Aon Hewitt Ltd, established in Mauritius in 1997, operates as the local office of Aon Worldwide, a prominent global provider of actuarial, employee benefits, investment, and HR consultancy services. The firm has carved out a niche in the Mauritian market by offering comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of over 200 clients across Mauritius and other countries. These services cater to a diverse client base managing scheme assets exceeding MUR 100 billion.

Actuarial Services: Aon Hewitt Ltd excels in actuarial services, leveraging deep expertise to assess and manage financial risks using statistical models and economic analyses. These services are crucial for insurance companies, pension funds, and other financial institutions seeking accurate risk assessments and strategic planning.

Employee Benefits: The firm provides tailored employee benefits solutions aimed at enhancing employee satisfaction and retention. These services include designing and managing employee pension plans, health insurance schemes, and other welfare benefits that align with client objectives and regulatory requirements.

Pension Administration: Aon Hewitt Ltd offers efficient pension administration services, ensuring seamless management of pension funds and compliance with regulatory frameworks. This includes handling contributions, member records, payouts, and ensuring transparency in fund management practices.

Investment Consulting: With a focus on maximizing returns and managing risks, Aon Hewitt Ltd provides investment consulting services. These services assist clients in developing investment strategies, asset allocation models, and evaluating performance to achieve financial goals effectively.

HR Consulting: The firm supports organizations in optimizing their human resources through strategic HR consulting. This includes workforce planning, talent management, compensation analysis, and organizational development strategies tailored to enhance operational efficiency and employee engagement.

Insurance Broking: Aon Hewitt Ltd acts as a trusted intermediary in insurance broking, facilitating the placement of insurance coverage that meets clients’ specific needs. This includes risk assessment, policy negotiation, and claims management to protect clients against potential financial losses.

By offering this comprehensive suite of services, Aon Hewitt Ltd plays a pivotal role in the financial and HR landscapes of Mauritius and beyond. The firm’s commitment to international best practices, coupled with local expertise, ensures that clients receive innovative solutions that address their unique challenges and opportunities. With a reputation built on trust, reliability, and performance, Aon Hewitt Ltd continues to be a preferred partner for organizations seeking strategic insights and operational excellence in actuarial, employee benefits, investment, and HR consultancy services.