The Association des Hoteliers et Restaurateurs, Ile Maurice (AHRIM – Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs, Mauritius) was formed in 1973 with the primary objective of representing and promoting the interests of hotels and restaurants in Mauritius. Over the years, AHRIM has evolved to become a pivotal organization in the Mauritian tourism industry, significantly contributing to the socio-economic development of the island.

Founding and Growth

The founding members of AHRIM included five hotels and nine restaurants. Since its inception, the association has played an increasingly significant role in advancing the tourism industry in Mauritius. Today, AHRIM’s membership has expanded to include around 150 hotels, restaurants, and Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) projects. This growth reflects the association’s success in uniting various stakeholders within the tourism sector to work towards common goals.

Objectives and Mission

Promoting Tourism for Sustainable Development

AHRIM endeavors to promote tourism as an integral component of the island’s sustainable development route. By advocating for sustainable tourism practices, the association ensures that the growth of the tourism industry is in harmony with environmental conservation and socio-economic well-being. AHRIM’s efforts are geared towards making tourism a driver of sustainable development that benefits both current and future generations.

Constructive Stakeholder Dialogue

One of AHRIM’s core objectives is to encourage constructive dialogue among stakeholders. The association facilitates communication between different parties involved in the tourism sector, including government bodies, private enterprises, and local communities. By promoting open and constructive dialogue, AHRIM helps to manage conflicting positions and find mutually beneficial solutions to challenges facing the industry.

Consensus-Building and Informed Decision-Making

AHRIM leads the tourism industry through consensus-building and informed decision-making. The association’s approach involves gathering input from various stakeholders, analyzing data, and developing strategies that reflect the collective interests of its members. This collaborative approach ensures that decisions are well-informed and widely supported, leading to more effective and sustainable outcomes for the tourism sector.

Promoting Well-Being of Tourism Workers

AHRIM is committed to promoting the well-being of all those working directly or indirectly in the tourism sector. The association advocates for fair labor practices, adequate training, and professional development opportunities. By focusing on the

welfare of tourism workers, AHRIM helps to create a motivated and skilled workforce that is essential for delivering high-quality services to tourists.

Achievements and Impact

AHRIM’s efforts have led to significant achievements in the tourism sector. The association has been instrumental in shaping policies and regulations that support the growth and sustainability of the tourism industry in Mauritius. AHRIM’s advocacy has resulted in improved standards and practices within hotels and restaurants, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

In summary, the Association des Hoteliers et Restaurateurs, Ile Maurice (AHRIM) is a vital organization dedicated to representing and promoting the interests of hotels and restaurants in Mauritius. Through its focus on sustainable development, constructive stakeholder dialogue, consensus-building, and promoting the well-being of tourism workers, AHRIM plays a crucial role in advancing the tourism industry. The association’s efforts contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of Mauritius, making it a preferred destination for travelers worldwide.