Set up in 1919, Barclays was the first international bank to establish operations in Mauritius. Ever since, Barclays has played a key role in the expansion of business on the island. The excellent reputation Barclays Mauritius has established throughout the past ninety-eight years is based on its substantial capital resources, high credit rating and group financial strength. Barclays Mauritius is a fully owned entity of Barclays Africa Group Limited, which operates and leads in more than 10 markets across the continent, with more than 12 million customers. Barclays Bank Mauritius Limited provides a range of banking services to personal and corporate customers. Personal services include a range of current and multi-purpose loans, credit cards, ATMs, the internet and telephone banking. Business services include lending products, trade and export finance and many specialist services such as Treasury, foreign exchange and capital markets capability.

Consumer Banking

Barclays continuously introduces new and improved products and services to meet the evolving needs of its customers. Taking affluent banking to a different level through its Premier Banking proposition, Barclays Bank Mauritius Limited centres its service on relationship banking, matching world-class service and having products to match individual customer needs.

From a technological advancement perspective, Barclays boasts one of the most secure Internet Banking platforms. Access is free and allows customers to easily and securely access their bank account from anywhere and effect a wide range of transactions. Barclays also focuses on providing  its customers with services that are both user-friendly and environment-friendly. The eStatement service, whereby customers can receive and access their bank statements on their personal email address, combines the convenience of paperless communication with eco-friendly banking.

Barclays also offers a choice of credit cards, ranging from the Barclays Classic credit card to its unique Platinum Worldmiles credit card, which brings customers an exclusive range of travel rewards and allows them to fly for free to destinations around the world, as well as benefit from discounts in hotels and lifestyle.

Our credit cards also offer customers the Easy Instalment Plan, offer excellent value propositions, including special benefits like travel insurance and provide 24/7 customer service.

Corporate Banking

Barclays Bank Mauritius Limited commands a strong presence among the local and international business community as a leading and experienced provider of tailored corporate services.

Its corporate capabilities span a continuum ranging from plain-vanilla loans, trade finance and Treasury products to more sophisticated project financing, debt capital market finance and structured products. Its local strengths are enhanced by the resources on call in the Barclays Group throughout the world, essentially Barclays Capital, which operates out of the world’s major financial centres. Integrated debt finance, risk management and advisory services are provided via a dedicated Merchant Banking Team in conjunction with Barclays Capital. For clients operating in multiple countries, Barclays ensures they are served both globally and within individual markets.

Global Markets

Barclays Bank Mauritius Limited has also established itself as a leading provider of global financial markets services, trading in currencies worldwide and assisting businesses in devising customised structures to manage market risk. Our focus is to support and service our customers by helping them understand their exposures and thereby developing the appropriate strategies.

We also offer a full range of risk management products, including structured deposits, FX spots, forwards, swaps and currency options in all major currencies, as well as Government of Mauritius Treasury Securities.

International Banking

Barclays Mauritius – International Banking caters for the banking needs of international non-resident entities and individuals whose primary economic interests are outside Mauritius. Barclays Mauritius offers a wide range of international products and services for global and large corporate clients, foreign institutional investors such as private equity funds, investment funds, trusts, insurance companies and high- net-worth individuals.

Barclays Mauritius was the first bank to obtain an international banking license. As the pioneer of international banking in Mauritius, Barclays is strategically positioned for a new world of emerging business opportunities between Africa, Asia and the rest of the world. Leveraging its financial strength, international footprint and world-class expertise, Barclays helps capitalise on the potential that Mauritius provides for regional financial markets. 

Barclays Mauritius – International Banking provides a range of products and services through a dedicated team of relationship management professionals. Its team is the main point of contact for Management Companies and other intermediaries. Its business philosophy is to protect the wealth of customers and clients and create the conditions and opportunities for them to grow their assets.

Disclaimer: This page is subject to change in the near future due to a Barclays re-branding exercise.