Incorporated on January 27, 1982, Belle Mare Holding Limited operates as an investment company with a primary objective of achieving long-term capital growth while ensuring consistent distribution of profits to its shareholders. Over its decades-long history, the company has strategically managed its investment portfolio to capitalize on diverse opportunities across various sectors.Investment Strategy and Restructuring: In 2014, Belle Mare Holding successfully executed a comprehensive strategy aimed at restructuring and diversifying its investment portfolio. This strategic initiative was pivotal in enhancing the company’s position, particularly within the hospitality sector. By reallocating resources and focusing on growth areas, Belle Mare Holding bolstered

its portfolio with significant investments in a multi-sector operating company and various ventures in hospitality.

Diversified Portfolio: Belle Mare Holding prudently diversifies its portfolio to mitigate risks and capitalize on emerging opportunities across multiple sectors. Beyond its prominent presence in hospitality, the company’s investments span finance, property, commerce, and industry. This diversified approach not only spreads risk but also allows the company to leverage sector-specific expertise and capitalize on market dynamics.

Financial Management and Profit Distribution: Central to Belle Mare Holding’s operational philosophy is prudent financial management aimed at achieving sustainable growth and maximizing returns for its shareholders. The company maintains a disciplined approach to managing its assets, ensuring that it delivers adequate annual profits to shareholders while reinvesting in strategic opportunities for long-term growth.

Sectoral Focus: With a strategic focus on the hospitality sector, Belle Mare Holding has positioned itself to capitalize on Mauritius’ growing tourism industry. This strategic alignment not only diversifies its revenue streams but also taps into the island nation’s reputation as a premium tourist destination.

Commitment to Growth: Belle Mare Holding remains committed to enhancing shareholder value through strategic investments and prudent financial stewardship. By continuously evaluating market trends and optimizing its portfolio mix, the company strives to uphold its legacy of delivering sustainable growth and profitability.

Through its proactive investment strategies, diversified portfolio, and commitment to shareholder returns, Belle Mare Holding Limited continues to play a pivotal role in Mauritius’ investment landscape. By aligning its objectives with emerging market opportunities and maintaining robust financial discipline, the company remains well-positioned for future growth and success in both local and international markets.