To secure and provide an excellent sustainable water supply service of appropriate quality, at a reasonable price, which meets the growing needs of the people, and support the economic development of the country.

Strategic Objectives

  • To ensure regularity and security of supply with a round-the-clock service;
  • To reduce non-revenue water to an economically acceptable level by improving the network efficiency;
  • To sustain water quality to meet international benchmarks;
  • To improve customer service and manage the corporate image of the Authority;
  • To consolidate financial viability and operate in a cost-effective manner.

The Central Water Authority is embarking on a re-engineering process with structural changes and major projects in the pipeline. With the focus being placed on serving the nation, the authority is working towards providing a round-the-clock water supply throughout the island. Major projects being undertaken include the replacement of old and defective pipes, laying of new pipes to ensure distribution of water in hard to reach areas, upgrades to treatment plants to increase storage capacity and improve distribution of water, replacement of meters across the island and construction of new service reservoirs in strategic regions.

Their core business remains treatment of water and distribution of potable water for domestic, commercial and industrial usage. The authority also aims for a drastic reduction in the number of complaints and to excel in service delivery to cater for the growing needs of the nation with a view to rendering the authority financially sound, effective and efficient.