Incorporation Process of a Company in Mauritius

Initial Steps

  1. Name Reservation
  • The name of the company must be reserved with the Registrar prior to incorporation.

Application for Incorporation

  • Applicants: Any one or more persons may apply, except for Limited Life Companies (LLCs), which require at least two members.
  • Required Form: The application must be in the prescribed form and signed by each applicant.

Information to be Provided in the Application

  1. Applicant Details:
  • Full name and address of each applicant.

2. Director Details:

  • Particulars of any business occupation.
  • Directorships of any public company or subsidiary of a public company held by each director.

3. Shareholder Details (for Companies with Capital):

  • Full name and residential address of each shareholder.
  • Class and number of shares to be issued.
  • Amount to be paid or other consideration for shares.
  • Consent to be a shareholder (with signature).

4. Member Details (for Companies Limited by Guarantee):

  • Consent to be a member.
  • Statement specifying the amount up to which the member undertakes to contribute to the company’s assets in the event of winding up.

5. Company Type:

  • Whether the company is limited or unlimited.

6. One-Person Company:

  • Full name, residential address, and occupation of the person nominated by the proposed director to be the company secretary.

7. Declaration:

  • A declaration by the applicant that the information provided is true and correct.

Accompanying Documents

  1. Consent to Act:
  • Consent to be a director or secretary.

2. Certificate of Eligibility:

  • A certificate stating that the director and/or secretary is not disqualified from holding office.

3. Notice of Name Reservation:

  • Confirmation of the reserved company name.

4. Company Constitution:

  • If the company is to have a constitution, a document signed by at least one applicant confirming that the document is the company’s constitution.

Summary of Incorporation Steps

  1. Reserve the Company Name: Ensure the name is unique and complies with legal requirements.
  2. Prepare and Submit the Application: Include all necessary personal, business, and company details.
  3. Accompanying Documentation: Attach required consents, certificates, and constitution (if applicable).
  4. Submit to Registrar: Deliver the complete application and documents to the Registrar of Companies for review and approval.

This structured process ensures transparency, legal compliance, and proper governance from the onset of the company’s operations.