Since 1997, Confident has created and managed customised investment strategies for high-net-worth individuals and institutional clients in Mauritius and abroad. Licenced and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC Mauritius), Confident operates an independent and privately owned portfolio management platform from Mauritius, a premier African regional financial centre.

Experience and Expertise

Confident was founded with the overriding objective of providing simple, cost-effective and transparent portfolio management services with a high degree of personalisation and exceptional service quality. Over the years, Confident has developed their professional expertise and service approach into a distinctive offer that includes Wealth Analysis and Wealth Structuring as well as Portfolio Management services.

Personalised and Tailor-Made

As at 31 December 2016, Confident managed a total portfolio value of MUR 9 Billion (USD 250 Million) for 160 high- net-worth clients including institutions such as insurance and pension funds. Personalised portfolios are completely adapted to each individual’s needs and institutional investors can choose to have a tailor-made portfolio or managed international funds.

Clients and relationships at the core of our philosophy

Confident’s offer is translated into a distinctive process where clients and relationships are at the centre of this philosophy. The starting point of the relationship is to listen, and understand the needs of clients. Detailed understanding enables Confident to create an investment strategy that achieves clients’ goals. After clients have agreed to the proposed strategy Confident will manage and monitor the portfolios to deliver sustainable performance and adapt to life-changing circumstances.

Investment Approach

Confident focuses on optimising performance, but our duty is to protect value. We follow six core portfolio management principles:

  •  Adopt a long term approach
  • Select high quality assets
  • Diversify assets optimally
  • Assess risks rigorously
  • Manage costs carefully 
  • Ensure transparent management and reporting