Founded in August 1976, the Customs House Brokers’ Association (CHBA) is an organization that regroups licensed Customs House Brokers operating in Mauritius. As a pivotal entity in the logistics and trade industry, CHBA aims to streamline and enhance the processes related to customs clearance, ensuring that members adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and efficiency.

CHBA is an esteemed member of both the International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations and the Federation of Clearing and Forwarding Associations of Southern Africa. These affiliations enable CHBA to stay connected with global best practices and advancements in customs brokerage, which in turn benefits the Mauritian trading community.


To be an innovative and creative organisation.


The CHBA of Mauritius values integrity and honesty as a foundation of respect to build relationships with the public and Government bodies.


  • Synergy Creation: CHBA strives to unite Customs House Brokers, fostering a synergy that benefits not only its members but also the country at large. By bringing together the expertise and knowledge of its members, the association aims to create a collaborative environment that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of customs operations.
  • Advocacy: The association is committed to voicing the concerns, fears, and needs of its members and the organization to relevant authorities. By actively engaging with policymakers and regulatory bodies, CHBA ensures that the interests of its members are represented and addressed in the formulation and implementation of trade and customs policies.
  • Integrity and Efficiency: CHBA is dedicated to maintaining and implementing high standards of integrity and efficiency. This commitment is crucial in assisting the trading and business community in their dealings with the Customs Department. The association promotes ethical practices and strives to enhance the overall professionalism of its members.
  • Collaboration with Government: The association works closely with the government and other governmental bodies and ministries to ensure the fair, reasonable, and equitable administration of import/export laws and regulations. This collaborative approach helps in creating a conducive environment for trade and logistics operations in Mauritius.
  • Professional Growth and Cooperation: CHBA is devoted to promoting growth in the profession and fostering cooperation and good fellowship among its members. By encouraging continuous professional development and mutual support, the association aims to maintain a positive and reputable image of customs house brokers in the public eye.