Annual leave

It is the amount of time that an employee is allowed to spend away from work, and this is usually mentioned in their contract. 

Background check

This is conducted to verify information on a potential or existing employee criminal, credit history, or other details.

Code of practices

It is a written set of guidelines that outline expectations of an employee’s behaviour.

Contract of employment

Contract of employment is a formal outlining of the rights and duties for both the employer and employee. 


Amount of money deducted from an employee compensation to decrease their taxable income, and hence their contributions to taxes.


When an employee is fired it is called a dismissal. It can happen for diverse reasons from financial problems, to poor performance.


When potential candidates apply for a job, usually they will write an email, or letter following their job application. To inform the company that they are waiting for a response and to encourage them to take a look at their application.


It is a brief period of time where an individual will gain work experience. 

Job sharing 

The arrangement between two workers that shares the same position on a part time basis

Maternity Leave

It refers to the time a mother take-off from work after giving birth.

Minimum wage

The sum of money that an employer is required to pay their employees for their work, it is usually set by the government of a country.


It is a document provided by an employee to state their decisions of ending their employment contract on a particular date. 


It is the process of hiring other people to carry out tasks or offer services that a corporation can handle. 


The hours of work conducted outside of regular business hours is known as overtime.


It is the process through which a new employer will integrate a company.

Probationary period

It is a trial period where a new employee’s performance will be assessed before giving them a permanent job.   

Performance Appraisal 

An annual assessment of an employee’s job performance and contributions in a company. 


Persons who can vouch for an applicant’s qualifications and experience for a position. They should also provide information on the competencies, work experience, skills, and suitability to undertake a new position. 

Trade union

A group of employees who bargain with an employer for improved wages and better working conditions. 


It is a work arrangement where employees have the possibility to work at other locations outside the traditional office.