Navigating law school can be challenging, but having the right tools and resources can make the journey smoother. Whether you are starting your first year or preparing for your final exams, here are essential tools for law students in Mauritius.

Digital Tools and Apps

Legal Research Platforms

HeinOnline: An indispensable resource for accessing legal journals, international treaties, and historical legal documents. It’s particularly useful for students at the University of Mauritius.

Google Scholar: Provides free access to law cases and legal articles. It’s an excellent starting point for preliminary research and for finding authoritative sources.

Note-Taking Apps

Evernote: This app helps you organise your notes, lectures, and case briefs. Its tagging system allows you to categorise notes by subject, making study sessions more efficient.

OneNote: Integrated with Microsoft Office, OneNote is perfect for creating organised notebooks for each of your courses. It also supports multimedia notes, which can be handy for visual learners.

Study Aid Apps

Quizlet: Create and share flashcards to review legal terms and key concepts, with Quizlet. It is particularly useful for memorising important case names and statutory provisions.

Anki: This app uses spaced repetition to help you retain information longer. It is perfect for reviewing complex legal doctrines.

Writing and Citation Tools

Word Processing Software

Microsoft Word: A staple for drafting assignments, briefs, and notes. Its features, such as track changes and citation management, are invaluable for law students.

Google Docs: Ideal for group projects and collaborations, Google Docs allows real-time editing and commenting, making it easier to work on group assignments.

Citation Management Tools

Zotero: This tool helps you collect, organise, and cite your sources correctly, ensuring your legal writing is both accurate and professional.

Juris-M: This is a free bibliographic manager specifically designed for creating Bluebook citations for law review papers. It is considered the best tool for this purpose and is available for free.

Organisational Tools

Task Management Apps

Todoist: Keep track of your study schedule, deadlines, and personal tasks! Its project management features can help you stay organised throughout the semester.

Trello: Use Trello’s board system to manage your coursework, internships, and exam preparations efficiently.

Calendar Apps

Google Calendar: Sync your classes, study sessions, and extracurricular activities to stay on top of your schedule. Its reminder feature ensures you never miss a deadline.

Outlook Calendar: Integrated with your email, it is a great tool for managing your academic and personal commitments in one place.

Study Resources

Online Course Platforms

Coursera and edX: These platforms offer courses from international universities on various legal topics, allowing you to expand your knowledge beyond the Mauritian legal system.

Law School Prep Books

Getting to Maybe by Richard Michael Fischl: Offers valuable insights into tackling law school exams.

Law School Confidential by Robert H. Miller: Provides a comprehensive overview of the law school experience and tips for success.

Legal Dictionaries

Black’s Law Dictionary: A must-have for any law student, this free online legal dictionary offers precise definitions of legal terms.

Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary: An excellent resource for beginners, providing easy-to-understand definitions of complex legal terms.

Networking and Professional Development Tools

LinkedIn: Essential for building a professional network, finding internships, and staying updated on legal industry trends.

Bar Association Memberships: Joining the Mauritius Bar Association as a student member can provide networking opportunities, access to seminars, and other professional development resources.

Well-being and Stress Management Tools

Mindfulness Apps

Headspace: Offers meditation exercises to help manage stress and improve focus.

Calm: Provides guided meditations, sleep stories, and breathing exercises to support your mental well-being.

Fitness Apps

MyFitnessPal: Helps you maintain a balanced diet and track your physical activity.

7 Minute Workout: Offers quick, effective workouts that fit into a busy law student’s schedule.


Equipped with these essential tools and resources, law students in Mauritius can enhance their study efficiency, stay organised, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Explore these tools and find what works best for you, and don’t hesitate to share your favourites in the comments!