In a strategic move to bolster its manufacturing sector and enhance global competitiveness, Mauritius has introduced a targeted scheme aimed at promoting the development of marketing services and expertise. This initiative is designed to support export-oriented service companies, including those involved in accountancy, law, medicine, international marketing, quality testing, pre-shipment services, civil engineering, management consultancy, re-insurance, and entrepot trade.

Qualifying Activities under the Scheme

The scheme encompasses a diverse range of export-oriented service activities crucial for supporting and complementing the manufacturing sector. Eligible entities include firms engaged in international marketing, which play a pivotal role in promoting Mauritian manufactured goods abroad. Additionally, services such as accountancy, legal advisory, and quality testing ensure compliance with international standards, thereby enhancing the marketability and reliability of Mauritian products on a global scale.

Incentives to Stimulate Growth and Investment

To stimulate growth and incentivize investment in these critical sectors, the scheme offers the following attractive benefits:

  1. Reduced Corporate Tax Rate: Qualifying companies benefit from a reduced corporate tax rate of 15%. This competitive tax incentive aims to lower the operational costs for service providers, enabling them to reinvest in technology, talent development, and market expansion.
  2. Exemption from Income Tax on Dividends: Shareholders of companies operating under this scheme are exempted from paying income tax on dividends received. This encourages investment in these service sectors and promotes shareholder confidence, fostering long-term sustainability and growth.
  3. Customs Duty Exemption on Office Equipment: Companies under the scheme enjoy exemption from customs duties on imported office equipment. This facilitates access to modern technology and enhances operational efficiency, enabling service providers to deliver high-quality and competitive services to clients both locally and internationally.

Supporting Infrastructure and Ecosystem

In addition to fiscal incentives, Mauritius provides a conducive business environment supported by modern infrastructure and a robust regulatory framework. This includes access to specialized business parks and industrial zones equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration between service providers and the manufacturing sector.


In conclusion, Mauritius’ scheme for marketing services and expertise represents a proactive approach towards enhancing the competitiveness of its manufacturing sector on the global stage. By incentivizing the development of export-oriented service activities such as international marketing, accountancy, and consultancy services, the scheme not only supports local entrepreneurship but also strengthens Mauritius’ position as a hub for business and innovation in the region. With its attractive fiscal incentives and supportive infrastructure, the scheme encourages investment, job creation, and economic diversification, paving the way for sustainable growth and prosperity in Mauritius.