Originally known as Mauritius Commercial Bank Finance Corporation Limited, the company underwent a significant transformation in February 1994 when shareholders approved the sale of its banking operations to MCB. This strategic decision allowed the company to refocus its activities exclusively on investment endeavors. Consequently, the company rebranded itself as Fincorp Investment Limited to better reflect its new direction. In the same year, Fincorp Investment Ltd. successfully secured an official listing on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, marking a pivotal moment in its evolution as an investment-centric entity.

In December 2006, Fincorp Investment Ltd. executed a significant buy-back and cancellation of 16,799,520 of its own shares previously held by Lloyds TSB Bank

Plc. This transaction streamlined its capital structure and enhanced shareholder value by reducing outstanding shares.

Presently, Fincorp Investment Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of MCB Group Limited, with MCB owning a substantial 57.56% stake in the company. Fincorp’s investment portfolio includes a diverse range of holdings and partnerships aimed at maximizing returns and expanding its market presence.

Fincorp Investment Ltd. manages one wholly owned subsidiary, Finlease Company Ltd., which plays a strategic role in the leasing and financial services sector. Additionally, Fincorp holds significant stakes in associate companies such as Promotion and Development Ltd. (46.39% ownership) and Caudan Development Ltd. (34.52% ownership). These associations allow Fincorp to leverage synergies across different sectors, including property development and investment, thereby diversifying its revenue streams and mitigating risks.

Moreover, Fincorp Investment Ltd. maintains a 15% minority stake in Mauritius Freeport Development Limited, further enhancing its strategic investment portfolio and contributing to its overall financial performance.

Through strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and a focused investment strategy, Fincorp Investment Ltd. continues to strengthen its position in the Mauritian market as a key player in investment management and strategic holdings. By aligning with MCB Group’s vision and leveraging its financial expertise, Fincorp remains poised for sustained growth and value creation in the evolving economic landscape of Mauritius.