Registration of a Foreign Company in Mauritius

A foreign company is an entity incorporated outside Mauritius that is required to register in Mauritius for the purposes of conducting business in the country.

Prerequisites for Conducting Business

  • Name Reservation: A foreign company cannot carry on business in Mauritius unless its name has been reserved.
  • Global Business Licence Restriction: A foreign company cannot apply for a Category 2 Global Business Licence.

Registration Requirements

A foreign company must register a branch in Mauritius. The following steps and documents are required for registration:

Registered Office Address:

  • The foreign company must provide the address of its registered office in Mauritius to the Registrar of Companies.

Document Submission (within one month of starting operations):

  • Certificate of Incorporation: An authenticated copy of the company’s certificate of incorporation.
  • Constitution: An authenticated copy of the constitution, charter, or other instrument constituting or defining its constitution.
  • Power of Attorney: A power of attorney under the seal of the company, stating the names and addresses of two or more residents in Mauritius authorised to accept service of process and notices on behalf of the company.
  • List of Directors: A list of directors of the foreign company. If there are directors resident in Mauritius who are members of the local Board of Directors, a memorandum stating the powers of the local directors must also be filed.
  • Registered Office Notice: A notice of the situation of its registered office in Mauritius, including its opening hours.
  • Declaration: A declaration made by the authorised agents of the company.

Registration Fee

  • A registration fee of MUR 20,000 is payable upon submission.

Post-Registration Compliance

  • Notification of Changes: Any change or alteration to the submitted documents must be notified to the Registrar within one month of the change.
  • Increase in Authorised Share Capital: A foreign company that increases its authorised share capital must file a notice of the change within one month.

Issuance of Certificate

  • Once all requirements are fulfilled, the Registrar will register the company and issue a certificate confirming the registration.

By adhering to these procedures, foreign companies can establish a legal presence in Mauritius and conduct business operations in compliance with local regulations.