Founded in 1939 as a small sugar mill in Mon Loisir, GML (Group Mon Loisir) has evolved into a dynamic conglomerate with significant regional presence and influence. Since the 1960s, GML embarked on an ambitious diversification program that propelled its growth across key sectors of the Mauritian economy and beyond, despite facing various challenges.

Today, GML operates through two main financial holdings, GML Ineo Ltee and GML Investissement Ltee, which collectively oversee a portfolio encompassing approximately 300 subsidiaries and associated companies. The group employs around 12,000 people across its operations in Mauritius and the wider Indian Ocean region.

Sectoral Presence: GML’s diverse portfolio spans crucial sectors:

  • Industry and Commerce: Phoenix Beverages operates in Mauritius and Sri Lanka, Alteo Limited in Tanzania, and United Basalt Products in Mauritius, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar.
  • Life Sciences and Biotechnologies: GML has investments in LLC-Cynologics, CIDP with operations in Brazil, India, and Romania, and local entities like GML Life Ltd, Proximed Ltd, and Quantilab Ltd.
  • Non-Financial Services: Alentaris Ltd offers comprehensive HR solutions.
  • Multi-Sector Activities: IBL operates across La Reunion, Madagascar, Seychelles, Comoros, Uganda, India, China, Gabon, and Dubai, contributing significantly to regional economies.
  • Financial Services: AfrAsia Bank serves Mauritius and South Africa, with Abax Corporate Services extending operations to Australia, UAE, Bahrain, Kenya, Singapore, Cyprus, India, and South Africa. Other financial entities include GML Management, GML Tresorerie, LCF Securities, Ellgeo, and GML-Chedid and Associates East Africa Ltd.
  • Hospitality: Lux Resorts Ltd manages properties in Mauritius, Reunion, Ajman, Maldives, and China.
  • Property Development: BlueLife Limited focuses on sustainable property development initiatives.

Success Factors: GML attributes its success to dynamism and responsiveness, enabling it to adapt swiftly to market demands and regional opportunities. This agility has positioned GML as a key player in driving regional development initiatives.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives: GML upholds a robust group sustainability policy and actively promotes environmental conservation through its “Think Green” program. These initiatives underscore GML’s commitment to responsible business practices and environmental stewardship.

Regional Influence: Proudly ranked as one of the major private sector groups in the Indian Ocean region, GML continues to expand its footprint and impact. By fostering innovation, sustainability, and community engagement, GML remains dedicated to shaping the economic landscape and contributing to the socio-economic development of the regions it serves.