The Home Affairs Department of Mauritius is dedicated to safeguarding national integrity and enhancing the quality of life for its citizens through strategic policy formulation and implementation. Key objectives include:

  • Ensuring Public Safety: Prioritizing visible and responsive measures to reduce crime and ensure citizens feel secure in their daily lives.
  • National Security: Protecting Mauritius from security threats and terrorist activities through robust security measures.
  • Offender Rehabilitation: Implementing rehabilitation programs to reduce offending and promote public safety.
  • Governance and Accountability: Strengthening governance structures to uphold the rights and freedoms of individuals, including human rights protection.


Home Affairs

  • National Security Service: Ensures national security through effective intelligence gathering and strategic operations.
  • Civil Status: Manages civil registration and vital statistics.
  • Citizenship: Administers citizenship applications and related matters.
  • Passports and Visas: Issues passports and manages visa processes.
  • Appointment of Notaries: Regulates the appointment of notaries public.
  • Religious Matters: Oversees religious affairs and celebrations.
  • Public Holidays: Manages public holiday schedules and observances.
  • Government Printing Department: Handles official government publications and printing services.
  • Humanitarian Law: Implements international humanitarian law protocols.
  • Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC): Supervises the national broadcaster to ensure public information and entertainment needs are met.


The Home Affairs Department aims to:

  • Ensure Safety and Security: Implement measures to reduce crime and enhance public safety.
  • Protect National Security: Safeguard against security threats and terrorist activities.
  • Promote Rehabilitation: Rehabilitate offenders to reduce recidivism and protect the public.
  • Uphold Rights and Governance: Strengthen governance frameworks to protect individual rights and promote accountability.

By focusing on these objectives, the Home Affairs Department plays a crucial role in maintaining societal order, protecting citizens, and fostering a safe and secure environment conducive to national development.