The Hotel Development Scheme (HDS) in Mauritius is a strategic initiative designed to attract investors keen on developing hotel projects in Mauritius and Rodrigues. Aimed at bolstering tourism infrastructure and enhancing the island’s appeal as a global tourist destination, the scheme offers a range of attractive incentives to prospective investors.

Corporate Tax Benefits

One of the most compelling incentives under the HDS is the reduced corporate tax rate. Eligible hotel development projects enjoy a significantly reduced corporate tax rate of 15%, providing a competitive edge for investors compared to standard corporate tax rates in other sectors.

Tax-Free Dividends

Investors in approved hotel projects benefit from a 10-year period of tax-free dividends. This incentive not only encourages investment but also ensures that investors can reinvest profits into further enhancing their projects or exploring new opportunities within the hospitality sector.

Customs Duty Exemption

To facilitate the setup and operation of hotel projects, the HDS grants exemptions on customs duties for the importation of specific equipment listed under the scheme’s approved list. This measure aims to reduce initial setup costs and operational expenses, thereby making investments more financially feasible for developers.

Repatriation of Profits and Capital

Upon meeting certain criteria, including obtaining an “A” status from the Bank of Mauritius, investors are entitled to freely repatriate profits, dividends, and capital. This provision ensures that investors can manage their investments effectively and secure returns without unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles.

Financial Support: Preferential Financing

In addition to tax incentives and duty exemptions, the HDS extends financial support through access to term loans and overdraft facilities at preferential rates. This financial backing is crucial for ensuring liquidity and operational stability during the initial phases of hotel development and subsequent operations.


In summary, the Hotel Development Scheme in Mauritius offers a comprehensive package of incentives designed to attract and support investment in the hospitality sector. From tax benefits and customs duty exemptions to preferential financing options, the scheme provides a conducive environment for investors to develop and operate world-class hotel projects in Mauritius and Rodrigues. By leveraging these incentives, investors not only contribute to the growth of Mauritius’ tourism industry but also position themselves strategically in a thriving market known for its natural beauty and cultural richness.

Investors interested in exploring opportunities under the HDS are encouraged to consult with local authorities or appointed agencies to navigate the application process and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Through proactive engagement and strategic investment, the Hotel Development Scheme serves as a cornerstone for sustainable growth and development in Mauritius’ vibrant hospitality sector.