Aims and objectives

The Broadcasting Regulation Authority is tasked with regulating the broadcasting sector in Mauritius by granting licences and overseeing various aspects of broadcasting operations. The Authority’s primary objectives focus on promoting diversity, ensuring fair competition, and maintaining high standards of service delivery.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Promoting Diversity and High-Quality Service:
  • The Authority sets standards to ensure a wide range of choices in broadcasting, promoting high-quality services that cater to diverse audiences. This ensures that broadcasters offer a variety of content that meets the interests and needs of the Mauritian society.

2.  Ensuring Fair Competition:

  • By creating a level playing field, the Authority ensures that all broadcasters operate under fair competition rules. This regulatory environment encourages innovation and prevents monopolistic practices, benefiting both consumers and broadcasters.

3. Preserving Plurality:

  • The Authority mandates that broadcasters create and promote content that reflects the plural nature of Mauritian society. This includes programming that addresses the cultural, linguistic, and social diversity of the population, fostering inclusivity and representation.

4. Encouraging Local Content Production:

  • The Authority supports the development of the local program production industry. By prioritizing projects that place listeners and viewers at the center, it encourages the creation of content that resonates with the local audience and supports local talent.

5. Balancing Local Control with Foreign Participation:

  • While ensuring that the people of Mauritius maintain ultimate control over broadcasting services, the Authority also accommodates foreign participation. This balance helps integrate global perspectives without compromising local values and interests.

6. Protecting Viewers and Listeners:

  • The Authority provides mechanisms for protection, redress, and representation for viewers and listeners in their interactions with broadcasters. This ensures that the public can hold broadcasters accountable and seek resolutions to any grievances.

7. Optimizing Frequency Use:

  • Efficient use of broadcasting frequency bands is a priority. The Authority manages and allocates frequencies to prevent interference and ensure optimal use of this limited resource.

8. Encouraging Self-Regulation:

  • The Authority aims to foster an environment where the broadcasting sector can eventually self-regulate. By promoting industry standards and ethical practices, broadcasters can take on more responsibility for their operations.

Guiding Principles

Freedom of Expression and Democracy:

  • Unhampered freedom of expression and the consolidation of democracy are the guiding principles of the Authority. It operates with the belief that a free and democratic broadcasting environment is essential for the healthy functioning of society.


  • The Authority’s independence is crucial for achieving its statutory objectives and ensuring that the interests of viewers and listeners are preserved. Funded primarily by license fees, it operates without external influence, maintaining impartiality in its regulatory functions.

Through these comprehensive regulatory measures, the Broadcasting Regulation Authority plays a vital role in shaping a vibrant and inclusive broadcasting landscape in Mauritius. Its efforts ensure that broadcasters serve the public interest, foster local talent, and contribute to the democratic values of the nation.