The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is a statutory anti-corruption agency with a mandate to prevent as well as investigate corruption and money laundering offences, as set out in the Prevention of Corruption Act (PoCA) 2002. The ICAC is not subordinate to any other state institution or ministry but is administratively accountable to the Parliamentary Committee, composed of members of the government as well as members of the Opposition.


Working together in a patriotic spirit towards a corrupt-free society.

Structure of the ICAC

The Corruption Investigation Division

The Corruption Investigation Division (CID) is required to look into all complaints received at the ICAC. It is also responsible for investigating all corruption and money laundering allegations referred to it by the Board. The purpose of an investigation is to determine what has occurred or is occurring and whether the conduct of any person amounts to corrupt conduct as defined in the PoCA 2002. Once an investigation is over, the case file together with necessary findings and recommendations are sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions by virtue of Section 47 of PoCA 2002.

The Corruption Prevention and Education Division

The Corruption Prevention and Education Division (CPED) is charged with educating public authorities, officials, students and members of the public about corruption. Its task also consists of assisting public institutions in devising integrity plans, making recommendations and monitoring their implementation to minimise risks of corruption. The CPED enlists public support and works in collaboration with all stakeholders in the community.

The Legal Division

The prime function of the Legal Division is to ensure due process in respect of any action taken by the Commission. It is called upon to provide legal advice to the other Divisions as well as the Board for the proper discharge of their respective duties. The support provided by the Legal Division is for instance, advice on the legality of steps to be taken in the course of an on-going investigation, or tendering of opinion as to whether evidence gathered has revealed any offence under PoCA and/or the Financial Intelligence and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2002 (FIAMLA). Officers of the Legal Division also appear before the various courts in Mauritius.

The Corporate Services Division

The ICAC is committed to developing as a learning organisation that embraces a culture of continuous improvement, and provides a safe and satisfying workplace. The Corporate Services Division (CSD) strives to support the operational directorates of the Commission in order to ensure that they operate up to strength, are properly equipped and fully trained. Services provided include administration, security, financial, information management and technology, human resources and procurement.