Lamco International Insurance Ltd stands as one of Mauritius’ oldest insurance companies, established in 1978. With over four decades of experience, Lamco has evolved into a financially robust and professionally managed organization, known for its commitment to customer-focused service and comprehensive insurance solutions.

Heritage and Commitment

Founded on principles of ethics, integrity, and fairness, Lamco has built a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness in the insurance sector. The company’s mission extends beyond profitability to actively supporting the communities it serves, reflecting its dedication to corporate social responsibility and community development.

Products and Services

Lamco offers a wide array of products and services, catering to diverse insurance needs:

  • General Insurance Coverage: Providing comprehensive coverage across various sectors, including property, casualty, and liability insurance.
  • Tailored Insurance Solutions: Customizing insurance packages to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring optimal coverage and risk management.

Infrastructure and Network

Lamco has strategically expanded its presence across Mauritius, boasting a network of ten sub-offices and over twenty-five accredited agents. This extensive network enhances accessibility and customer reach, facilitating personalized service delivery and ensuring prompt claims processing.

Reinsurance Partnerships

To bolster its financial stability and enhance coverage capacity, Lamco collaborates with leading global reinsurers. These strategic partnerships underpin the company’s reinsurance programs, enabling it to manage risks effectively and provide robust coverage solutions to policyholders.

Commitment to Excellence

Lamco places a strong emphasis on continuous improvement and professional development. Its workforce benefits from ongoing training initiatives, ensuring that employees are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and skills to deliver superior customer service.

Vision for the Future

Looking forward, Lamco International Insurance Ltd remains steadfast in its commitment to being the insurer of choice in Mauritius. By nurturing long-term relationships built on trust and reliability, the company aims to forge enduring partnerships with customers, partners, agents, stakeholders, and employees alike.


In conclusion, Lamco International Insurance Ltd stands as a testament to stability, integrity, and customer-centricity in Mauritius’ insurance landscape. With a rich heritage and a forward-looking approach, Lamco continues to set benchmarks in service excellence and community engagement, poised for sustained growth and leadership in the years to come.