Following its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage list in July 2008, Le Morne is now officially recognized as the Le Morne Cultural Landscape. Situated on the southwestern tip of Mauritius, this area is often referred to as “the wild South.” For conservation purposes, the landscape is divided into both a Core and a Buffer zone. The site is a rallying point for Mauritians from all walks of life, deeply concerned about the country’s heritage in terms of history, culture, and the natural environment. Le Morne Cultural Landscape represents the combined works of nature and humans.

With the physical attributes of a natural fortress, Le Morne Brabant Mountain became a natural monument when, during the 17th and 18th centuries, groups of slaves escaped the control of their masters to seek refuge on the mountain. The landscape is illustrative of the days of slavery in Mauritius and the ever-present quest for freedom that defined the lives of many enslaved individuals from the 17th to the early 19th centuries in Colonial Mauritius.

Le Morne Heritage Trust Fund

Le Morne Heritage Trust Fund which operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Arts and Culture and was established in May 2004 to:

  • Promote Le Morne as a Memorial Site: The Fund works to elevate Le Morne as a national, regional, and international memorial site, honoring the significant history and legacy of the area.
  • Preserve and Promote Historical, Cultural, and Environmental Aspects: Efforts are made to maintain and highlight the historical, cultural, environmental, and ecological significance of Le Morne, ensuring its stories and natural beauty are preserved for future generations.
  • Set Up a Museum and Create Public Awareness: The Fund aims to establish a museum dedicated to the history of Le Morne and to foster public awareness about its historical and cultural importance. This includes educational programs and outreach initiatives to engage the public.
  • Encourage Research and Support Projects on Slavery and Marronage: By supporting research, projects, and publications related to slavery and marronage, the Fund seeks to deepen the understanding of this critical period in Mauritian history and its enduring impact on society.
  • Collect, Publish, and Disseminate Information: The Fund collects, publishes, and disseminates information about the history of slavery and marronage, ensuring that this knowledge is accessible to a broad audience and contributes to global historical narratives.
  • Establish Links with International Organizations: In line with its objectives, the Fund establishes connections with relevant international organisations, fostering collaborations that enhance the preservation and promotion of Le Morne’s heritage.

Through these efforts, the Le Morne Heritage Trust Fund plays a vital role in safeguarding the cultural and historical integrity of the Le Morne Cultural Landscape. By promoting research, education, and international collaboration, the Fund ensures that the legacy of Le Morne continues to inspire and educate future generations about the resilience and spirit of those who sought freedom from enslavement.