In accordance with the Mahatma Gandhi Institute Act No. 11 of 1982 and the MGI (Amendment) Act No. 47 of 2002, the objectives of the Institute are:

  • To establish, as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, a centre of study of Indian culture and traditions.
  • To promote education and culture generally.


To be a fully-fledged degree-awarding institution of excellence in the fields of arts and social sciences at the international level.


  • Promote Indian Culture and Traditions: The Institute aims to honor Mahatma Gandhi by fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of Indian culture and traditions. This mission underlines the importance of cultural heritage and its preservation in the modern world.
  • Advance Higher Education and Research: The Institute is dedicated to promoting higher education and research in a variety of fields, including Mauritian, Indo-logical, Asian, and African studies. Additionally, it focuses on the performing arts and visual arts, encouraging academic excellence and innovative research.
  • Instill Gandhian Principles: Central to the Institute’s mission is the instillation of principles and values for character-building based on Gandhian philosophy. This includes promoting values such as non-violence, truth, and self-discipline, which are essential for personal and social development.
  • Promote Creativity and Innovation: By fostering creativity, the Institute aims to develop a culturally innovative nation. This involves encouraging artistic expression and creative thinking, which are crucial for cultural and economic development.
  • Collaborate with National Organizations: The Institute seeks to collaborate with other tertiary education institutions (TEIs) and organizations at the national level. This collaboration is vital for transforming Mauritius into a knowledge-based economy, leveraging shared resources and expertise to enhance educational and cultural initiatives.


  1. Establish a Centre for Indian Culture: The primary objective is to establish a dedicated centre for the study of Indian culture and traditions as a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. This centre serves as a hub for cultural education, research, and preservation, fostering a deeper understanding of Indian heritage.
  2. Promote General Education and Culture: Beyond the focus on Indian culture, the Institute is committed to promoting education and culture more broadly. This includes developing programs and initiatives that enhance cultural awareness and educational opportunities for the Mauritian community.
  3. Expand Academic Offerings: The Institute aims to become a fully-fledged degree-awarding institution, offering a range of programs in the arts and social sciences. This expansion is intended to position the Institute as a leader in higher education, both locally and internationally.
  4. Enhance Research Capabilities: Strengthening research capabilities is a key objective. This involves supporting academic research in diverse fields and encouraging scholarly collaboration to advance knowledge and innovation.
  5. Foster National and International Collaboration: The Institute seeks to build partnerships with other educational and cultural institutions, both within Mauritius and internationally. These collaborations are crucial for sharing knowledge, resources, and best practices, contributing to the Institute’s growth and development.

By fulfilling these missions and objectives, the Mahatma Gandhi Institute aims to position itself as a premier institution for higher education and cultural preservation. Through its commitment to promoting Indian culture, advancing education and research, and fostering collaboration, the Institute plays a vital role in the cultural and educational landscape of Mauritius.