Mauritian Eagle Insurance Company Limited (MEI)

Incorporated in December 1973 and commencing operations in January 1974, has established itself as a prominent player in Mauritius’ insurance sector. Initially a joint venture between Ireland Blyth Limited (holding 80% of the share capital) and South African Eagle Insurance Company Limited (now part of the Zurich Financial Services Group), MEI has evolved significantly over the decades.

Evolution and Shareholding

MEI was listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius in 1993, marking a pivotal moment in its corporate history. The shareholding structure underwent changes, with Ireland Blyth Limited holding 60%, Zurich Insurance Company South Africa Limited holding 15%, and the remaining 25% held by the public. MEI’s commitment to sustainability was recognised in 2016 when it became the first insurance company to be included in the SEMSI (Stock Exchange of Mauritius Sustainability Index).

Strategic Investments

MEI has diversified its portfolio through strategic investments, including a 20% stake in H Savy Insurance Company Limited, based in the Seychelles. This strategic partnership enhances MEI’s regional presence and strengthens its market position in the Indian Ocean region.

Range of Insurance Products

MEI operates across both domestic and commercial markets, offering a comprehensive range of short-term insurance products:

  • Accident Insurance: Coverage against accidental injuries and related expenses.
  • Health Insurance: Providing medical coverage and healthcare benefits.
  • Engineering Insurance: Protecting against risks associated with construction and engineering projects.
  • Property Insurance: Safeguarding property assets against damage or loss.
  • Motor Insurance: Offering coverage for vehicles against accidents and theft.
  • Transportation Insurance: Insuring goods and cargo during transit.

Commitment to Quality and Security

MEI is committed to maintaining high standards of operational excellence and customer service. The company holds ISO 9001:2000 certification for its Quality Management System, ensuring consistent service delivery and customer satisfaction. Additionally, MEI is ISO 27001:2005 certified for Information Security Management, highlighting its commitment to data protection and operational continuity.

Vision and Future Outlook

Looking ahead, MEI continues to focus on innovation, service excellence, and sustainable growth. By leveraging its strong market position, robust governance framework, and strategic partnerships, MEI aims to further expand its footprint in the insurance industry while maintaining its leadership in quality and customer-centricity.


In conclusion, Mauritian Eagle Insurance Company Limited (MEI) exemplifies resilience, innovation, and leadership in Mauritius’ short-term insurance sector. With a rich history of partnership, strategic investments, and a commitment to sustainability and quality, MEI stands poised for continued success and contribution to the insurance landscape of Mauritius and beyond.