Aims and objectives

The Ministry shoulders the critical responsibility of formulating comprehensive national policies that drive the development of key agricultural sectors in Mauritius. These sectors encompass sugar, tea, food crops, food production, and various agribusiness activities, crucial for the island nation’s economic sustainability and food security.

Key Responsibilities

The Ministry’s mandate extends to:

  1. Agricultural Sector Development: It oversees the strategic development and enhancement of agriculture across diverse sectors such as sugar, tea, food crops, and agribusiness. This involves formulating policies that stimulate growth, sustainability, and competitiveness within these industries.
  2. Livestock and Dairy Development: In addition to crop-based agriculture, the Ministry focuses on the development and management of livestock and dairy sectors. This includes initiatives to improve breeding practices, veterinary services, and productivity in animal husbandry.
  3. Forest Resources Management: The Ministry plays a pivotal role in managing and conserving Mauritius’ forest resources. This encompasses sustainable forestry practices, biodiversity conservation, and the protection of endemic species that are vital to the island’s unique ecosystem.
  4. Research and Innovation: It conducts research and experimental work aimed at advancing agricultural practices, improving yields, and fostering innovation within the sector. This includes supporting research institutions and providing technical expertise to farmers and agribusinesses.
  5. Support for Agricultural Sectors: The Ministry provides essential support services to ensure the effective implementation of agricultural policies. This includes extension services, financial assistance programs, and infrastructure development to enhance productivity and resilience in farming communities.

Oversight of Parastatal Bodies

Additionally, the Ministry supervises specialized parastatal organizations that operate under its purview. These bodies play specific roles in implementing agricultural policies, managing agricultural resources, and supporting sectoral development initiatives.


In conclusion, the Ministry of Agriculture in Mauritius plays a pivotal role in steering the nation’s agricultural sector towards sustainable growth, productivity, and resilience. Through comprehensive policy formulation, strategic oversight, and support for research and innovation, the Ministry aims to enhance food security, promote economic development, and safeguard Mauritius’ natural resources for future generations. By prioritizing the development of key agricultural sectors and ensuring effective management of resources, the Ministry contributes significantly to the overall socio-economic well-being and environmental sustainability of the country.