The National Archives houses the collective memory of the nation’s history. It has in its stores an array of rich and diverse records that are of invaluable significance for historical, genealogical, cultural, administrative and legal purposes, among others. As a government department, the National Archives serve as the nation’s repository of public records. It ensures that efficient and economical management of the records of the government of Mauritius throughout their lifecycle is carried out.


The mission of the National Archives is to provide the nation with a national archive that fulfils its historical and cultural roles, i.e., to collect, preserve, and make accessible the collective memory of the nation for the benefit of present and future generations, as well as for research and exploitation purposes.


  • Preserve the collective memory of the nation;
  • Promote an awareness of this collective memory for the purpose of research;
  • Produce and publish documentary materials for educational purposes and for the public at large;
  • Release official records for public research after a given period;
  • Provide effective and efficient services to its users.

Services offered

  • Research A Research Unit has been established at the National Archives under Section 33 of the National Archives Act 1999 with a view of doing research in the public archives, publishing works of historical interest and providing background information for exhibitions and celebrations of important events.
  • Digitisation The National Archives has digitised part of its holdings with a view to preserving its original records and facilitating access to them. Around 530,000 pages, which form an important part of the collections, are available online for the benefit of users and the public.
  • Loans of records
  • Reprographic services
  • The National Archives Research and Publication Fund