The National Investment Trust Ltd (NIT) was established as a closed-end fund with its primary focus on investing in shares and securities across both local and international markets. Over time, NIT has evolved its operational structure to enhance transparency and better cater to investor preferences.

In January 2008, NIT received approval from regulatory authorities to reorganize its assets into three distinct sub-funds:

  1. Sub-Fund 1: NIT Local Equity Fund: This sub-fund is dedicated to holding domestically quoted stocks, focusing on investments within the local market. By segregating local equity investments into a dedicated fund, NIT aims to provide investors with targeted exposure to Mauritius’ stock market.
  2. Sub-Fund 2: NIT Global Opportunities Fund: Designed to hold all overseas investments, this sub-fund enables NIT to capitalize on international market opportunities. It allows investors to participate in global markets, diversifying their portfolios beyond Mauritius.
  3. NIT Ltd: This entity manages the local unquoted shares and oversees the operations of the NIT Local Equity Fund and NIT Global Opportunities Fund. It serves as the administrative hub for the two sub-funds, ensuring efficient management and compliance with regulatory requirements.

In June 2010, NIT further strengthened its operational framework by obtaining a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) Manager license. This milestone underscores NIT’s commitment to adhering to regulatory standards while effectively managing its investment portfolios across different asset classes and geographical regions.

By restructuring into distinct sub-funds and obtaining a CIS Manager license, NIT enhances transparency, operational efficiency, and investor confidence. These strategic initiatives position NIT as a trusted investment vehicle offering diversified opportunities in both local and global markets, catering to the evolving needs of institutional and individual investors alike.