The role of a notary is to certify the authenticity of documents. Appointed to witness and certify legal acts such as property transactions and wills, notaries ensure that these documents are legitimate and enforceable. This role is crucial in preventing fraud and upholding the integrity of legal processes. Notaries in Mauritius, like their counterparts elsewhere, play a vital role in the legal and business sectors by providing an added layer of trust and security.

In Mauritius, the duties of a notary extend beyond mere certification. They have the responsibility to ensure that the individuals involved in a transaction fully understand the implications of the documents they sign. This educational aspect of a notary’s role is particularly important in cases involving complex legal jargon or significant financial commitments. Notaries must clarify the contents of the documents to all parties, ensuring that they are making informed decisions.

Notaries also play a key role in property transactions. In Mauritius, as in many other jurisdictions, buying or selling property involves a significant amount of paperwork. A notary is responsible for drafting the deeds of sale, verifying the identities of the parties involved, and ensuring that the transfer of property is conducted legally. They ensure that all necessary taxes and fees are paid and that the transaction complies with local laws and regulations.

Additionally, notaries are involved in the preparation and certification of wills. This task requires a high degree of sensitivity and accuracy, as the notary must ensure that the will reflects the true intentions of the testator (the person making the will) and that it meets all legal requirements. By certifying wills, notaries help to prevent disputes among heirs and ensure that the testator’s wishes are honored after their death.

In the broader context of legal transactions, notaries in Mauritius also play a role in certifying powers of attorney, marriage contracts, and other legal documents. Their certification provides assurance that these documents are valid and binding. This role is essential in both personal and commercial contexts, where the authenticity of documents can have significant legal and financial implications.

Furthermore, notaries in Mauritius often act as advisors to their clients. They provide guidance on legal matters related to the documents they are certifying, helping clients navigate complex legal landscapes. This advisory role underscores the notary’s position as a trusted legal professional who is committed to upholding the law and protecting the interests of their clients.

In summary, the role of a notary in Mauritius is multifaceted, involving the certification of documents, ensuring the understanding of legal implications by involved parties, and acting as legal advisors. Their work is crucial in maintaining the integrity of legal processes and providing security and trust in legal transactions. Through their various duties, notaries contribute significantly to the orderly conduct of legal and business affairs in Mauritius.

List of Notary in Mauritius

Marie Véronique Prisca ARMANCE

Daniel Philippe Patrice AVRILLON

Robert Louis Maurice AVRILLON

Sharvanee Baichoo

Véronique syndy baya GHURBURRUN



Khoushwant BHEEM SINGH


Thierry d’hotman de Villiers

Dorothy mélanie brousse de Gersigny

Bibi nushrut CHAUMOO

Anuradha Vithaldas

Marie Veronique C. L. LOW KWAN SANG