The Outsourcing and Telecommunications Association of Mauritius (OTAM), created in 2004, is the main association for the ICT industry, which regroups ITOs, BPOs, International Long Distance (ILD) operators and Internet Service Providers. It represents those with a common interest in promoting and developing the industry, both locally and internationally. Its membership is highly representative of the ICT industry, including some of the biggest ICT firms in Mauritius. Today, OTAM has approximately 50 members.


To promote a business-friendly and competitive environment Conducive to the growth of the ICT industry in Mauritius.


  • Develop and promote the ICT sector in Mauritius.
  • Create a business-friendly environment conducive to the growth of and fair competition in the ICT sector.
  • Develop successful working relationships with regional and global ICT organisations.
  • Encourage networking and business opportunities between ICT operators in Mauritius, the Indian Ocean Region, and the world at large.


Since its creation, OTAM has been active on many fronts and participated in various negotiations and projects, namely:

  • Participation in negotiations at the national level with the MCCI and Government.
  • Participation in national projects (National Information, Technology and Communication Strategic Plan, Anti-spam Initiative, Data Protection Act, HRDC Sectoral Committee).
  • Participation in various councils at the board level (MCCI, MEF, HRDC, etc.).
  • Work in collaboration with the major players in the economy: the Ministry of ICT, NCB, ICTA, BOI, BPML and HRDC, to name a few.
  • Participation in various research studies and surveys pertaining to the sector, for instance the Salary Survey for the ICT-BPO Sector.
  • Participate in Infotech, BPML Job Fairs, ICT Career Fair, ACCA Career Fair, ISITECH Internship Fair, and international fairs like the SECA, Salon IT-B, Forum Economique des lles de l’Océan Indien.
  • Negotiations with MT/Government/ICTA on various issues (reductions in bandwidth costs, call termination, ILD licence fees, and IUC costs, etc.).
  • Submission of a memorandum for the budgetary measures to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development every year.
  • Successful working relations regionally and internationally were solicited during the visit of delegations: President of ARTIC, Delegation from Uganda.
  • Our expertise was solicited by the Rodrigues Regional Assembly.
  • Signatory of a MoU with GOTICOM, a Malagasy sister association.