Phoenix Insurance (Mauritius) Limited has experienced rapid growth, solidifying its position with an extensive and well-established network across the island. In 2016, the company achieved a total turnover exceeding MUR 325 million, underscoring its robust performance in the insurance market.

Innovation in Products and Services

Phoenix Insurance is focused on enhancing its General Insurance Business through innovative offerings:

  • VIP Policy: Introducing “On The Spot Motor Claims Settlement” to streamline customer claims experience.
  • Extended Warranty Insurance Cover: Providing comprehensive coverage beyond standard warranties, catering to consumer needs.
  • Accidental Medical Cover: Recently launched to address the growing demand for medical protection due to accidents.

Strategic Marketing and Expansion

The company has refined its marketing strategy to align with evolving economic dynamics:

  • Expanded Network: Increasing its team of marketing executives to nearly 150, enhancing customer outreach and service delivery.
  • Promotional Campaigns: Continuously organising promotional and advertising initiatives at branch levels and through accredited agents across various regions, fostering brand visibility and customer engagement.

Strategic Alliances

Phoenix Insurance has strengthened its market position through strategic partnerships:

  • Alliance with Sri Lankan Conglomerate: This alliance has facilitated operational synergies and strategic initiatives, contributing to the company’s growth and market consolidation.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Phoenix Insurance (Mauritius) Limited remains committed to driving innovation, expanding its market presence, and delivering superior customer service. By leveraging its network, product innovation, and strategic alliances, the company is well-positioned to sustain growth and meet the evolving insurance needs of Mauritians.