Mauritian diversity

According to the 2023 report, the population of Mauritius is estimated at 1,290,958. It forms a unique mosaic of different races, cultures and religions, as Mauritians are descendants of immigrants from the Indian subcontinent, Africa, Europe and China.

The island’s cultural diversity and harmony make Mauritius unique in the world. Most Mauritians are trilingual, fluent in Creole (the island’s native language), French and English. English is the official language of Parliament, but French and Creole are the languages mainly used in everyday life, while a number of oriental languages such as Hindi and Mandarin are also part of the linguistic mix.

Total resident population (2023) 1,290,958 

Male: 637,352

Female: 653,607

Less than 15 years old: 15.4%

15-64 years: 70.8% over

65 and over: 12.6% of total population