The Employment Relations Tribunal (ERT) serves as a cornerstone of fair labor practices by addressing and resolving labor disputes. Its aims and objectives are designed to promote harmonious industrial relations and ensure equitable outcomes for both employers and employees across various sectors.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. Settlement of Labour Disputes: At the core of its mission, the ERT aims to settle labor disputes expeditiously and fairly. These disputes may arise between employers and employees or involve conflicts within trade unions. By providing a formal platform for dispute resolution, the ERT facilitates dialogue and negotiation aimed at reaching mutually acceptable solutions. Timely resolution of disputes helps maintain workplace stability and productivity.
  2. Determination of Labour Disputes in the Civil Service and Private Sector: The ERT holds the responsibility to adjudicate labor disputes within both the civil service and the private sector. This broad mandate ensures that all employees, regardless of their employment sector, have access to impartial justice. The tribunal carefully reviews each case, examining evidence and legal arguments to render decisions that uphold the rights and obligations of all parties involved.
  3. Hear Appeals from the Decision of the Conciliation and Mediation Commission: Another critical function of the ERT is to hear appeals from decisions made by the Conciliation and Mediation Commission. This appellate role provides an avenue for parties dissatisfied with initial mediation outcomes to seek further review. The ERT conducts thorough reviews of these cases, ensuring procedural fairness and substantive justice in its appellate decisions.
  4. Promotion of Harmonious Industrial Relations: Central to its objectives, the ERT actively promotes harmonious industrial relations. By fostering mutual respect and understanding between employers and employees, the tribunal seeks to prevent disputes before they escalate. This proactive approach includes educational initiatives and outreach programs aimed at enhancing awareness of labor laws and promoting best practices in workplace relations.

Through these aims and objectives, the Employment Relations Tribunal plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the rights of workers and maintaining a balanced employment environment. By resolving disputes fairly, adjudicating cases impartially, and promoting collaborative relationships in the workplace, the ERT contributes to a stable and productive economy where labor rights are respected and upheld.