Our mission is to ensure that the Republic of Mauritius maintains a professional and efficient Civil Service dedicated to achieving excellence.


  1. Appointment of Qualified Personnel: Identifying and appointing individuals with the necessary drive, skills, and attitude to perform efficiently within the Civil Service.
  2. Promotion of Impartiality and Meritocracy: Safeguarding the impartiality and integrity of appointments and promotions, ensuring they are based solely on merit.
  3. Ethical Standards and Public Confidence: Taking disciplinary actions to uphold ethical standards and maintain public confidence in the Civil Service.

Core Values

The Commissions demonstrate effectiveness through core values like:

  • Transparency: Operating with openness and clarity in all actions and decisions.
  • Responsible Attitude and Efficiency: Demonstrating accountability and achieving results efficiently.
  • Ethical Attitude: Upholding high ethical standards in all dealings and decisions.
  • Respect for the Constitution: Adhering to the principles and provisions of the constitution in all operations.
  • Valuing People: Treating all individuals with respect, fairness, and dignity.
  • Integrity and Independence: Acting with honesty, integrity, and independence in decision-making.
  • Fairness and Equity: Ensuring fairness and equity in the treatment of all stakeholders.
  • Team Spirit and Timeliness: Collaborating effectively and delivering services promptly.
  • Innovation and Improvement: Embracing creativity and continuous improvement in service delivery and operations.


  • Merit-Based Recruitment: Implementing transparent and meritocratic recruitment processes to attract and appoint qualified personnel.
  • Ethical Governance: Enforcing strict ethical codes and disciplinary measures to maintain integrity and accountability within the Civil Service.
  • Training and Development: Providing continuous learning opportunities to enhance skills and capabilities of civil servants.
  • Public Confidence Building: Engaging with the public and stakeholders to build trust and confidence in the Civil Service.


By adhering to these principles and initiatives, the Commissions aim to set a benchmark for integrity, equity, and efficiency in the Civil Service of Mauritius.

Through transparent practices, ethical governance, and a commitment to meritocracy, the Commissions strive to foster a dynamic and effective public service that meets the evolving needs of the nation and its citizens.