The Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre is a parastatal body operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary education and Scientific Research. Set up on 5.3 acres of land, the 4000 m2 building houses a spectrum of interactive exhibits on different scientific themes to ignite the scientific temper of visitors. The Centre is also an ideal platform for promoting science and technology through non-formal educational programmes.


To be a Centre of excellence in the communication and promotion of Science and Technology.


To serve as a Centre for non-formal education and popularisation of Science and Technology among the population through various media.


  • Create awareness for Science and Technology.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation particularly among young people.
  • Supplement education in Science and Technology at all levels.
  • Enhance public understanding of Science and Technology.


The new strategy for the RGSC is based on Six pillars

  • Pillar 1 – The Centre (Infrastructure and Services)
  • Pillar 2 -Visitor Management
  • Pillar 3 – Supplementing the Education System
  • Pillar 4 – Outreach Activities
  • Pillar 5 – E-Promotion of Science
  • Pillar 6 – Research and Development

Activities include

  • Science Competitions
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops/ Seminars/Lectures
  • Outreach Programme
  • Sky Observations
  • Science and film shows