The Scheme to Attract Professionals for Emerging Sectors (SAPES) was introduced to invigorate pivotal industries such as Financial Services and ICT/ITES in Mauritius by enticing highly skilled non-citizen professionals to contribute their expertise in these burgeoning fields.

SAPES targets professionals possessing critical skills essential for sectors like information technology, financial services, and other industries approved by the Board of Investment. This initiative aims to bolster these sectors with specialized knowledge and capabilities.

The incentives offered under SAPES are designed to facilitate a seamless transition and settlement for these professionals and their families in Mauritius. Qualified professionals are granted the right to acquire one immovable property for personal residence, including land up to 0.5276 hectares (5,275 square meters) or a flat/apartment valued at a minimum of USD 50,000.

Additionally, SAPES provides a three-year resident status for the professional, their spouse, and dependents, ensuring stability and offering a pathway to long-term residency. The spouse of the professional can also obtain a work permit for the same duration upon application.

Upon expiry of the initial residence permit, the professional, spouse, and dependents are eligible to apply for permanent resident status, facilitating continued residence in Mauritius. Furthermore, SAPES allows duty-free imports of household and personal effects (excluding vehicles) for the professional and their family, easing the relocation process and ensuring comfort in their new environment.

Overall, SAPES aims not only to attract top-tier talent to bolster key sectors of Mauritius’ economy but also to enhance the island’s allure as a conducive environment for skilled professionals and their families. By offering a comprehensive range of incentives that support settlement and integration, SAPES contributes significantly to Mauritius’ development as a regional hub for innovation and expertise in emerging industries. This initiative reinforces Mauritius’ position as an attractive destination for professionals seeking a rewarding career and a high quality of life in a dynamic and supportive business environment.