Introduction of SEMATS

The Stock Exchange of Mauritius Automated Trading System (SEMATS) was launched on June 29, 2001. SEMATS constitutes a state-of-the-art electronic trading system built on third-generation technology. Trading in securities is no longer floor-based; instead, it is conducted through dedicated trading workstations located at stockbroking firms and linked by communication lines to the SEM trading engine. This transition to electronic trading has revolutionized the way securities are traded on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM).

Features and Advantages

Efficiency and Speed

SEMATS is a user-friendly trading system that enhances the efficiency, speed, and fairness of trading in securities. The electronic system processes transactions rapidly, reducing the time and cost associated with trading. This efficiency benefits all market participants, including investors and stockbrokers.

Comprehensive Trading Data

One of the key features of SEMATS is its incorporation of a wealth of trading data. Market participants have access to real-time information, including price movements, trading volumes, and market trends. This data is crucial for making informed investment decisions and enhances market transparency.

Internet-Trading Capabilities

SEMATS also includes internet-trading capabilities, allowing investors to trade securities online. This feature provides greater accessibility and convenience, enabling investors to participate in the market from anywhere with an internet connection. The introduction of online trading has broadened the investor base and increased market participation.

Trading of Government Securities

Since December 15, 2003, the trading, clearing, and settlement of Government of Mauritius Securities and Bank of Mauritius Bills have been conducted on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. This inclusion has expanded the range of financial instruments available on the exchange and provided investors with more opportunities for diversification.

Trading Process

Sales and purchase orders for Government of Mauritius Securities and Bank of Mauritius Bills can be effected through the eleven licensed stockbroking companies. This system ensures that the trading process is accessible and regulated, maintaining high standards of market integrity.

Purchase Restrictions

The purchase of Government of Mauritius Securities and Bank of Mauritius Bills on the Stock Exchange is restricted to Mauritian citizens and is limited to a maximum of 20 units per order, where one unit equals MUR 100,000 nominal. These restrictions are in place to ensure broad-based participation and prevent market manipulation.

Clearing and Settlement

The clearing and settlement of transactions involving Government of Mauritius Securities and Bank of Mauritius Bills are handled by the Central Depository, Clearing and Settlement Co. Ltd. This company ensures that all transactions are processed accurately and efficiently, minimizing risks and maintaining the stability of the financial system.


In summary, the introduction of SEMATS has significantly modernized the Stock Exchange of Mauritius by transitioning to a state-of-the-art electronic trading system. SEMATS enhances the efficiency, speed, and fairness of trading, provides comprehensive trading data, and includes internet-trading capabilities. Additionally, the trading of Government of Mauritius Securities and Bank of Mauritius Bills on the exchange has expanded the range of available financial instruments, offering more opportunities for investors. The system’s stringent regulations and efficient clearing and settlement processes ensure the integrity and stability of the market. SEMATS represents a significant advancement in the Mauritian financial landscape, fostering a more dynamic and accessible market environment.