In a bid to foster economic growth and enhance the industrial sector’s inclusivity, Mauritius has introduced a comprehensive scheme targeting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This initiative specifically caters to enterprises whose production equipment value does not exceed MUR 10 million, aiming to bolster their presence and competitiveness within the local economy.

Qualifying Activities under the Scheme

The scheme encompasses a wide array of manufacturing activities, ranging from production and assembly to repair and packaging of inputs into finished or semi-finished goods. Crucially, these activities are eligible provided the aggregate Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) value of production equipment remains below the stipulated MUR 10 million threshold. This inclusive approach ensures that a diverse range of SMEs can benefit, regardless of their specific sector within the manufacturing landscape.

Incentives to Encourage Participation

To incentivize SME participation, the scheme offers a series of attractive benefits:

  1. Customs Duty Exemption on Production Equipment: SMEs under this scheme enjoy exemption from customs duties on their production equipment. This removes a significant financial barrier, making it more affordable for SMEs to acquire necessary machinery and tools, thereby enhancing their operational capabilities from the outset.
  2. Reduced Corporate Tax Rate: Qualifying SMEs benefit from a reduced corporate tax rate of 15%. This competitive tax incentive not only lowers the operational costs for SMEs but also encourages reinvestment into business growth and expansion.
  3. Concessionary Loan Schemes: Recognizing the critical role of financing in SME development, the scheme facilitates access to concessional loan schemes. These financial instruments are designed to provide SMEs with affordable capital, enabling them to invest in technology upgrades, expansion of production capacity, and workforce development.
  4. Access to SME Industrial Estates: Existing SME industrial estates across Mauritius are equipped with state-of-the-art Information Technology (IT) facilities. This infrastructure support enhances operational efficiency, connectivity, and integration within the broader industrial ecosystem, positioning SMEs for sustainable growth and market competitiveness.


In conclusion, Mauritius’ SME development scheme represents a proactive approach towards fostering economic inclusivity and industrial growth. By offering significant incentives such as customs duty exemptions, reduced corporate taxes, concessional loans, and access to modern industrial infrastructure, the scheme aims to empower SMEs to thrive and integrate seamlessly into the vibrant industrial landscape of the country. This strategic initiative not only supports local entrepreneurship but also contributes to job creation, innovation, and overall economic resilience, underscoring Mauritius’ commitment to sustainable development and inclusive prosperity.