The MCB Group is an integrated banking and financial services provider, offering a wide range of tailored and innovative solutions through dedicated local and foreign subsidiaries and associates. Following the restructuring exercise to separate its banking operations from its non-banking operations, the entities of the Group are organised into three distinct clusters: namely Banking, Non-Banking Financial and Other Investments. The ultimate holding company is MCB Group Limited which has been listed on the official market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd (SEM) since 3 April 2014.

Established in 1838, MCB Ltd, which is the Group’s former holding company, is the mainstay of the organisation. It has cemented its position as the leading banking sector player in Mauritius, in the process, it is playing a key role in promoting the country’s socio-economic development. The Group is increasingly a prominent financial services player in the region, with its expansion beyond domestic shores having been initiated since the early 1990s. Its presence abroad spans 9 countries, namely Madagascar, Seychelles and Maldives through dedicated subsidiaries; Réunion Island, Mayotte and France through its associate Banque Française Commerciale Océan Indien; and Mozambique via its associate Société Générale Moçambique. It also operates representative offices in Paris, Johannesburg and Nairobi under the aegis of MCB Ltd. Leveraging a wide network of correspondent banks, the latter is also actively involved in cross-border deals and transactions mainly in sub- Saharan Africa.

The Group has also diversified its activities into the non-banking field, offering a comprehensive range of investor-related services namely stockbroking, corporate Finance advisory, investment management, register and transfer agent and private equity financing as well as leasing and factoring services. A cornerstone of the Group’s diversification strategy is the ‘Bank of Banks initiative which aims to position itself as a regional hub for handling trade finance and payments for banking counterparts as well as providing card operations outsourcing and consulting services notably linked to project and change management, through dedicated subsidiaries.

MCB Group’s rich history, commitment to its clients, innovative culture and dedicated employees underpin its solid franchise and long track record of sustained profitability. In addition, as a responsible corporate citizen, the Group promotes social welfare natural resource protection and energy saving.

The shares of the Group (MCB Ltd was the quoted company prior to the restructuring exercise) were listed on the Official Market of the SEM since its inception in 1989. It has a large and diversified shareholder base with more than 18,500 local and foreign investors. Its market capitalisation stands currently at above Rs 77.2 billion, representing a share of some 31.3% based on SEMDEX, as at March 2017. In addition, MCB Group Ltd forms part of the constituents of the SEM Sustainability Index (SEMSI), launched in September 2015,  which provides a measure of listed companies against a set of internationally aligned and locally relevant environmental, social and governance criteria.

Market Positioning by Cluster




  • Above 950,000 individual and institutional Customers.
  • Market shares of some 40% and 45% of domestic credit to the economy and local Currency deposits respectively and more than 50% of cards issued.
  • Network of 40 branches/kiosks redesigned around the departmental store’ concept.
  • 175 strategically-located ATMs, representing 38% of the national park.
  • Some 7,000 Point of Sale (POS) terminals, many of which are multi-currency and wireless.
  • Around 150,000 registered internet banking customers.
  • Wide range of mobile services: SMS Banking, Airtime refill through mobile phones, Mobile Banking and Mobile Payments (above 100,000 registrations for Juice’ mobile service).
  • Workforce of over 2,600 employees.

Foreign involvement

Activities principally led by the bank’s Corporate and Institutional Banking and assisted by representative offices located in Johannesburg, Paris and Nairobi.

Network of some 1,540 correspondent banks globally.

Active promoter of the ‘Bank of Banks’ initiative; around 70 clients being serviced by the Bank via this initiative during FY 2015/16.

Participation in loan syndication as well as structured commodities and project Financing.

Overseas entities

  • Foreign banking subsidiaries: MCB Madagascar, MCB Maldives and MCB Seychelles.
  • Overseas associates Banque Française Commerciale Océan Indien (BFCOI – operating in Réunion Island, Mayotte and Paris) and Société Générale Moçambique.

Non-banking financial

  • Major player in factoring and leasing.
  • Through MCB Capital Markets Ltd, investor-related services are provided namely corporate finance advisory, asset management, stockbroking, private equity and registry; 22 dedicated funds and structured products offered; assets under management of some MUR 22 billion (USD 600 m).
  • MCB Microfinance Ltd, launched in July 2016, to assist micro and small entrepreneurs.

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Other investments

  • The Group is engaged in consulting services, investment and ancillary undertakings, while having appropriate structures to promote its actions in the corporate social responsibility and philanthropic fields.
  • MCB Consulting Services Ltd providing business solutions in more than 20 countries.
  • Some 21 regional clients being serviced by International Card Processing Services Ltd in respect of their cards outsourcing needs.
  • MCB Forward Foundation entrusted with Rs 72 million in FY 2015/16; some 72 CSR projects were undertaken during the corresponding period.