The Council of Registered Professional Engineers’ (CRPE) mission is to set and maintain engineering standards in Mauritius in line with internationally recognised standards of professional competence and ethics for engineers.

CRPE is a regulatory body, set up by an Act of Parliament. Under the RPEC Act of 1966, the CRPE regulates the engineering profession in Mauritius and formally represents the interests of Mauritian engineers.

Currently, CRPE registers suitably qualified applicants on the CRPE Roll of Engineers. The Roll has only one section so far: Registered Professional Engineer. This title is protected by the RPEC Act (1966), as well as the abbreviation “RPEM” and additional titles “Registered Engineer”, “Professional Engineer” and “Engineer”, may only be used by Registered Professional Engineers.

There is a legal restriction on the right to practice as an engineer in Mauritius. Registration is renewable annually and mandatory for engineering employment and the provision of engineering services.

All candidates for registration as Professional Engineer must have completed a satisfactory period of engineering training and satisfy the competence standards set by CRPE. Applicants must show that they have a satisfactory academic base, have undergone approved professional training, and, at interview, must demonstrate their engineering competence against specific criteria.

Council members are nominated by the Minister of Public Infrastructure from proposals made by the Institution of Engineers, the Government of Mauritius, the Central Electricity Board, and the Mauritian Sugar and Agriculture Technological Society (Société Technologie Sucrière et Agricole de l’Ile Maurice).

The Council members then elect a Chairperson from among themselves. The Council shares the logistics and offices of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Land Transport and Shipping of the Republic of Mauritius at Phoenix, and is serviced by a Registrar.

Since 1966, therefore, the Council constituted as laid down in the Act, has been meeting every month or so, to process applications for registration. CRPE has to date registered more than 1100 Engineers.