The Mauritius IT Industry Association (MITIA) stands as a pivotal organization within Mauritius’ vibrant technology sector, representing a coalition of leading IT companies committed to the island’s development and economic growth. Founded in 2001, MITIA has grown to encompass the majority of well-established and reputed IT firms in Mauritius, including local entities and the local branches of international companies, all predominantly employing Mauritian talent and contributing significantly to the national economy.

Mission and Objectives

MITIA’s primary mission revolves around advancing the interests of its members and promoting the sustainable growth of Mauritius’ IT industry. Central to its objectives is fostering an environment conducive to constant innovation, quality enhancement, and economic prosperity. MITIA acknowledges and values the proactive involvement of the Mauritian government in nurturing the IT sector, particularly in supporting exports and sectoral development. The association collaborates closely with various governmental bodies to advocate for policies that enhance the national IT infrastructure and create favorable conditions for industry growth.

MITIA in Figures

As of today, MITIA boasts:

  • 45 Member Companies: These companies represent a diverse spectrum of IT services and solutions providers operating within Mauritius, spanning software development, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and more.
  • Turnover exceeding MUR 14 Billion: Reflecting the significant economic contribution of its member firms to Mauritius’ GDP and demonstrating the sector’s robust financial health.
  • Over 4,000 High-Value-Added Jobs: MITIA’s member companies play a crucial role in the Mauritian labor market by offering high-value-added jobs that contribute to skill development and economic empowerment.

Collaborative Efforts and Future Outlook

MITIA views collaboration with governmental entities as essential to achieving its goals of industry expansion and national development. By working hand in hand with policymakers, MITIA aims to influence strategic decisions that promote technological innovation, enhance digital infrastructure, and support the growth of IT exports. This collaborative approach not only strengthens the IT industry’s resilience but also positions Mauritius as a competitive player in the global technology landscape.

Looking forward, MITIA remains committed to fostering an ecosystem where IT companies thrive through innovation, investment in human capital, and adaptation to global technological trends. By advocating for policies that prioritize digital transformation and entrepreneurship, MITIA continues to pave the way for sustainable economic growth and prosperity in Mauritius.


In summary, the Mauritius IT Industry Association (MITIA) plays a pivotal role in championing the interests of its members and driving the growth of Mauritius’ IT sector. Through strategic collaboration with governmental bodies and a commitment to fostering innovation and quality, MITIA ensures that the industry remains a cornerstone of Mauritius’ economic development. With a robust membership base, substantial economic impact, and a forward-looking agenda, MITIA stands poised to shape the future of Mauritius’ technology landscape positively.