The Office of the President of Mauritius was established under the Constitution, with the President serving as the Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic.


The mission of the Office of the President is to assist the President in fulfilling their constitutional duties, which include preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution of Mauritius. Additionally, the Office aims to promote national unity, acting as a unifying force for the diverse population of Mauritius.


The Office of the President carries out several key objectives to support its mission:

  • Issuing Writs of Election: One of the fundamental roles of the Office is to issue writs of election, ensuring the democratic process by facilitating elections at various levels of governance.
  • Organizing Government Protocol: It oversees the protocol for establishing the government of the day, including the Leader of the Opposition, the Rodrigues Regional Assembly, and the Executive Council. This involves coordinating the opening, prorogation, or dissolution of the National Assembly, essential for the functioning of Mauritius’s parliamentary democracy.
  • Event Coordination: The Office plays a pivotal role in organizing and coordinating significant national events such as the National Day Celebration and Open Day, which foster unity and pride among Mauritian citizens.
  • Administrative Functions: It handles administrative functions critical to the operation of constitutional bodies, including the Public Service Commission, Electoral Supervisory Commission, and Electoral Boundaries Commission. These functions ensure the effective governance and regulatory oversight necessary for a well-functioning democracy.
  • Prisoner Petitions and Mercy Commission: The Office processes petitions from prisoners seeking clemency, which are considered by the Commission on the Prerogative of Mercy, reflecting its commitment to justice and humanitarian concerns.
  • Diplomatic Relations: It manages diplomatic protocols, including the presentation of credentials by Ambassadors and High Commissioners to Mauritius, and oversees the appointment of Principal Representatives of Mauritius abroad. These diplomatic functions uphold Mauritius’s international relations and promote its interests globally.
  • Residence Maintenance: The Office is responsible for maintaining the official residence of the President, which spans approximately 240 acres of grounds. This ensures that the President has a suitable environment for official functions and engagements.

Through these diverse functions and responsibilities, the Office of the President of Mauritius plays a pivotal role in upholding democratic governance, promoting national unity, and maintaining diplomatic relations, thereby contributing to the stability and development of the Republic of Mauritius.