Key Roles of the WMA

The Wastewater Management Authority (WMA) is the key organisation responsible for the collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater across Mauritius and Rodrigues. Its core mission is to provide a state-of-the-art sewerage system that preserves public health and ensures a sustainable and clean environment. This mission aligns with the broader goal of improving sanitation and supporting the well-being of the population.

WMA Sub-Offices

The WMA operates several sub-offices located in Caudan, Beau-Bassin, Curepipe, and a dedicated Customer Care Section at its Port Louis Headquarters. These offices ensure the WMA is accessible to its customers and can promptly address their needs.

Services Provided by WMA

  1. Verification of Sewer Designs: Evaluates designs of sewers, treatment plants, and disposal systems to meet necessary standards and regulations.
  2. Clearing Wastewater Blockages: Addresses wastewater blockages within industrial, commercial, and public premises in sewered areas.
  3. Wastewater Disposal: Oversees the disposal of wastewater at designated treatment plants.
  4. House Connection Applications: Processes applications for house connections to the public sewer system.
  5. Building Permit Clearances: Provides clearance for building permits to ensure compliance with wastewater management regulations.
  6. Percolation Test Witnessing: Witnesses percolation tests to assess soil suitability for wastewater disposal systems.
  7. Morcellement Permit Clearances: Issues clearances for morcellement permits, ensuring new subdivisions have adequate wastewater management systems.

Primary Activities

The primary activity of the WMA is to implement wastewater projects on behalf of the Government, aimed at providing better sanitation for the Mauritian population. This involves extensive planning, design, and construction of wastewater infrastructure projects. The Authority is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of an extensive wastewater network, including around 591 km of sewer network, 10 Wastewater Treatment Plants, and 72 Pumping Stations.

Commitment to Improvement

The WMA’s commitment to improving sanitation infrastructure is evident in its continuous efforts to upgrade and expand the sewer network. By investing in advanced technologies and adopting best practices, the WMA ensures the efficiency and reliability of the wastewater management system.

Community Engagement and Education

In addition to its technical and operational roles, the WMA places a strong emphasis on community engagement and education. By raising awareness about the importance of proper wastewater management and encouraging public participation, the Authority fosters a culture of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Comprehensive Approach

Ultimately, the WMA’s comprehensive approach to wastewater management helps protect public health, preserve natural resources, and promote sustainable development in Mauritius and Rodrigues. Through its dedicated efforts, the Authority plays a crucial role in ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for current and future generations.