Thomas Cook (Mauritius) Operations Co. Ltd.: Your Comprehensive Foreign Exchange and Money Transfer Partner

Thomas Cook (Mauritius) Operations Co. Ltd. is licensed by the Central Bank as an Authorised Foreign Exchange Dealer in Mauritius. The company offers competitive exchange rates for all major currencies and provides telegraphic transfer services at 15 locations across the island, including the airport, using the SWIFT network.

Services Offered

As a leading foreign exchange dealer, Thomas Cook offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Foreign Exchange: Competitive exchange rates for all major currencies.
  • Telegraphic Transfers: Fast and secure money transfers using the SWIFT network.
  • Money Transfer Services: As the Super Agent for MoneyGram in Mauritius, Thomas Cook provides fast and reliable Money Transfer services worldwide at affordable prices. MoneyGram is an instant cash transfer service with over 350,000 locations in 200 countries worldwide.

Remittance Services

Thomas Cook offers inward and outward remittance services in Mauritius with unmatched exchange rates for:

  • Importers and exporters
  • University payments
  • Medical expense payments

Unique Offerings

Thomas Cook is the only Non-Banking Financial Institution offering currency import and export services in Mauritius. As a leading player in volume currency trading, Thomas Cook collaborates with major banks to ensure seamless and efficient transactions.

Investment and Presence

Thomas Cook Mauritius is a fully-owned investment by Thomas Cook (India) Ltd. In Mauritius, Thomas Cook operates in several business areas:

  • Foreign Exchange and Money Transfer Services: Providing comprehensive forex and money transfer solutions to individuals and businesses.
  • Corporate Travel Management: Offering tailored travel management services for corporate clients.
  • Leisure Travel: Organising leisure travel packages for individuals and groups.
  • Destination Management Company: Managing travel logistics and services for tourists visiting Mauritius.

Why Choose Thomas Cook (Mauritius)?

  • Competitive Rates: Offering some of the best exchange rates in the market.
  • Wide Network: Conveniently located branches across Mauritius, including at the airport.
  • Reliable Services: Fast and dependable money transfer and remittance services through MoneyGram.
  • Expertise: A trusted name in the industry with extensive experience in foreign exchange and travel management.


Thomas Cook (Mauritius) Operations Co. Ltd. stands out as a comprehensive provider of foreign exchange and money transfer services. With a strong presence in Mauritius and a wide range of services, Thomas Cook ensures that clients receive the best value and service for their forex and travel needs. Whether for business or personal use, Thomas Cook is your reliable partner for all foreign exchange and money transfer requirements.