The University of Technology (UTM), Mauritius created in 2000 through an Act of Parliament aims to become a leading provider of cutting-edge higher education that produces employable graduates and responsible citizens and that is personally valued, nationally relevant, regionally excellent and globally recognised.


The mission of UTM is to

  • provide high quality needs-based multi-level tertiary education that is increasingly focused on technology and entrepreneurship
  • conduct innovative technological research that creates wealth and positively transform lives in a sustainable manner
  • engage in capacity building that contributes to social and economic growth and promotes the development of Mauritius as a Knowledge Hub.

Core Values

Good Governance, Student-Centred Service, Quality, Leadership, Social Responsibility and Community Engagement, Financial Wisdom, Academic Freedom, Wellbeing for All.


  • To provide access to a wide range of students for acquisition of knowledge and skills in line with Government Vision 2030 with which they can make future professional contributions in various key sectors of the socio-economic including the technological advancement of Mauritius and aspire to become dynamic players in regional and international activities.
  • To admit students with a range of entry qualifications and academic and professional experience
  • To deliver programmes which can be entered and exited at different levels
  • To offer part-time and distance education in addition to full-time study
  • To cooperate with Government and business in developing lifelong learning, research and consultancy
  • To promote entrepreneurship and a complete education amongst students
  • To build up and develop fulltime and part-time staff or high caliber
  • To help students benefit from a physical environment appropriate to their development.