Terms of employment in most sectors are normally governed by National Remuneration Orders or by the Labour Act of 1975. Under the Labour Act, an employee may not be required to work more than 8 hours per day, 6 days per week. The hours of work for a “young person” (aged between 15 and 18) are 6 hours/day. A young person must not be employed for more than 36 hours in a week (or 48 hours/week, in a shop). There are 15 annual paid public holidays. In addition, after one year of continuous service with the same employer an employee is entitled to 16 days’ annual paid vacation for a six-day week and 14 days for five-day week. A worker who has remained in continuous employment with the same employer for 12 consecutive months is entitled to 21 days of paid sick leave during the following 12 months.